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!IF you have any questions please ask/h3> IMPORTANT NOTICE!! This is not my video I and just showing some of the content I would like to be putting up. The only exception is I would like to have to be a little different! Please enjoy this video! Heres the real video link Don't forget to Sub to me!

Information about us!

Here is our YouTube channel's link which is where we will upload all of our older and most current videos! We also do plenty of online streaming, but at the moment we are short one important key aspect for our channel; a computer meant more for gaming and video editing purposes. Until September 21, 2K15 we can make anything but vlogs. :( So in the mean time, we will do a few trial videos, but as soon as my computer arrives we will do a build session and PC performance test! We then plan to do many more videos and begin our YouTube journey! Thank you for tuning in, we do all of this for the gaming fans out there, like ourselves, in the world! If you want to see more, please subscribe to our channel! Have yourself a jolly gamin' day.